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dragon ball z

Dragon Ball Color Tattoo by Eddy Pierce

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Welcome to the best kept secret in the Tucson tattoo community! At Broken Clover, we strive to be the best tattoo artists in Tucson.   Our services include but are not limited to portraiture, neotraditional, traditional Americana, Japanese, and Polynesian, black work, watercolor, color realism, polka trash, lettering, and black and gray.  Our apprentice, The Amazing Madeleine, also provides a henna service.  If you’d like to come in as a walk-in, that’s fine, it’s still probably best to call first and check availability.  We do not pierce.

For the best results, we highly recommend   reviewing our portfolios and contacting the artist you want directly.  All artists contact information is listed on their respective page on this website.


Good news!  Broken Clover has recently been named one of the best ten tattoo shops in the great state of Arizona on

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Raquel moon eye

Abstract eye and moon tattoo by Raquel Cota

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